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Daterra Bruzzi Rainforest Alliance

$4.80 / per lb special

Daterra Bruzzi Rainforest Alliance (Chocolate, Cherry, Tobacco)

The perfect name for this versatile, elegant, yet powerful coffee. Aromas of cherry and blackberry mingle with strong chocolate notes, accompanied by medium acidity. Chocolate alkaloids create a pleasant bitter-sweet tobacco aftertaste. Bruzzi extracts an outstanding single origin, estate espresso – sweet, smooth and rich.

Harvesting: Selective mechanical
Processes: Pulped (Semi-washed), Natural, Pulped Raisin
Drying: Patio, Drum drier
Region: Cerrado
Altitude: 900 – 1300 meters
Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic, Penta-chromatic
Packing: 53.6 lb. Penta-box


Full Bloom Daterra Farm Brasil

$4.80 / per lb special

Full Bloom Daterra Farm Brasil (Ripe Stone Fruits, Blueberry Caramel)

An elegant and refined fully natural coffee begins its journey at the peak of the harvest when the cherries are filled with honey-like liquor. The beans start drying on the tree, then transferred in cherry to the patio, until the honey is almost dissolved. The drying is finished in the dryer to insure consistent moisture content and stabilization of the beans. The ripe fruit aromatics and exotic flavors of stone fruits, blueberry and plum make for a succulent juicy mouthfeel reminiscent of a fine wine. Full bodied with a clean caramel-fruity finish that smoothly rolls over the palate.

Harvesting: Selective mechanical
Processes: Natural
Drying: Dried on tree, Patio, Drum drier
Region: Cerrado
Altitude: 900 – 1300 meters
Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic Penta-chromatic
Packing: 53.6 lb. Penta-box


Uganda Organic RFA UTZ – Fully washed Sipi Falls Grain Pro

$4.34 / per lb

Uganda Organic RFA UTZ
Fully washed Sipi Falls Grain Pro

This  Bourbon coffee is an organic, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee at a very reasonable price. It is a unique single origin coffee with a rich full body. It has tastes of toffee, caramel and molasses with deep fruit overtones.

The coffee is grown on farms located close to the border of Kenya.  – Carol really likes this coffee as a great drip coffee through-out the day

Hill Side Coffee Beans

Bali Blue Moon Organic RFA

$4.50 / per lb

Bali Blue Moon Organic RFA

A complex coffee with an exotic and syrupy body with hints of chocolate, vanilla and spice. Does well as a light roast and dark roast.

Sonofresco’s Early Spring Special – Zinnia FTO blend

$4.20 / per lb special

Sonofresco’s Early Spring Special
Zinnia FTO blend

Add a splash of spring with Sonofresco’s new Zinnia FTO blend. The combination of coffees in this blend gives an attractive bold luscious taste that has you buzzing with the bees. With a splash of spice and caramel, enjoy this coffee as a drip or as an espresso shot. Try it out. $4.20 per pound.

Honduran Coffee Beans

Honduras FTO RFA

$4.10 / per lb

Honduras FTO RFA

Sourced from Café Organico Marcala, S.A. (COMSA), a cooperative of farmers that was started in 2000 to become organically certified, in a protected designation of origin within the department of La Paz, Honduras. COMSA has also significantly increased the participation of women within the organization, which has resulted in a successful women’s group that has established their own farmers’ market to sell home-grown organic produce.