Jerry Whitfield

Jerry is best known as an inventor and an entrepreneur, inventing the wood pellet stove in the late 1980′s and making it a household heating source for millions. However, the part of his life that he is the most proud of surrounds his family. Jerry has a wonderful wife, three daughters and three grandchildren that are the light of his life. In his spare time Jerry loves to travel, recently taking an extended sailing trip with his daughter and son-in-law.

Carol Whitfield

Carol and Jerry moved from England to Seattle in 1979, when she spent her days teaching geography. When Jerry started his pellet stove business Carol was the purchasing manager for years, then returned home to become chief supporter of their three athletic daughters; Jacqueline, Claire and Emma. Now at Sonofresco, she loves being in the thrust of this lively and challenging coffee business. Carol finds it serendipitous and rewarding to be part of an industry that she used to teach her students in her geography classes where she can now see up-close how important coffee is in creating livelihoods for so many across the world.

Robert Penrose

Robert Penrose joined the Sonofresco family in the summer of 2001 after being introduced to the Sonofresco Coffee Roaster as the Director of Manufacturing. He has continued to maintain the production, quality assurance and customer service of the Sonofresco Coffee Roaster, Green Coffee Supply, and accessories, as well as the day-to-day business operations after becoming COO in 2007. Robert’s passion for all aspects of mechanical design, R & D, and engineering developed during an eleven-year career with Pyro Industries and the guidance of Jerry Whitfield. When not working, Robert enjoys fly fishing, boating in the San Juan Islands, playing the drums, and family time.

Anna Jette

Anna joined Sonofresco in September 2012 and brings great energy and enthusiasm to the team. When you call our office, Anna will warmly greet you and effectively answer the many questions you may have about the Sonofresco Coffee Roaster. She enjoys building relationships with customers and will make sure you leave feeling satisfied and excited about roasting coffee. The Sonofresco team is like a second family to Anna! Anna has a wonderful husband and is a mom to four active children; needless to say she is a busy woman. She loves to cook and enjoys watching her children’s sporting events. She is a proud Mount Vernon High School Alumnus, and enjoys working in this great community.

Sean Robinson

Sean joined the Sonofresco family in 2008 after relocating to the area from Lynnwood. When a Sonofresco roaster needs to be built and shipped, he’s our “go-to guy”! Known as our “Roaster Builder”, Sean takes pride knowing that your roaster is built to perfection and meets all testing requirements. He gladly takes service calls and is able to troubleshoot most of the questions raised by customers. He has a passion for a clean warehouse and his friendly attitude is contagious. Sean is an avid fisherman and enjoys spending time with his two children and family.