Brazil Daterra Sunflower Espresso

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Brazil Daterra Sunflower Espresso

Daterra Estate is one of the world-famous farms in Brazil where the coffee is produced with an inspiring commitment to both quality and sustainability. All Daterra Farms coffees have been Rainforest Alliance certified since 2003 which means coffee is grown on farms where forests, rivers and soils are protected, wildlife is conserved; workers are paid decent wages and given access to medical care and education.



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Brazil Daterra Sunflower Espresso

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Farm: Daterra
  • Cupping Notes: Citrusy, Nutty, Velvety, Sweet caramel and honey finish
  • Altitude: 3800 ft.
  • Packing: 53.6 lb. Penta-box

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