Daterra Bruzzi Rainforest Alliance

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Daterra Bruzzi Rainforest Alliance (Chocolate, Cherry, Tobacco)

The perfect name for this versatile, elegant, yet powerful coffee. Aromas of cherry and blackberry mingle with strong chocolate notes, accompanied by medium acidity. Chocolate alkaloids create a pleasant bitter-sweet tobacco aftertaste. Bruzzi extracts an outstanding single origin, estate espresso – sweet, smooth and rich.



Daterra Bruzzi Rainforest Alliance

  • Harvesting: Selective mechanical
  • Processes: Pulped (Semi-washed), Natural, Pulped Raisin
  • Drying: Patio, Drum drier
  • Region: Cerrado
  • Altitude: 900 – 1300 meters
  • Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic, Penta-chromatic
  • Packing: 53.6 lb. Penta-box

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