Oregon Chai 1/2 Gallon Extra Spicy Chai Super Concentrate


Oregon Chai 1/2 Gallon Extra Spicy Chai Super Concentrate

  • Spirited fusion of chai spices give an extra kick in this super concentrated Spicy Chai formula
  • Simple to use: Combine one part chai concentrate with five parts milk and serve either hot / cold
  • Makes 64 (6 oz) prepared chai tea lattes per bottle
  • Great for coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, and bakeries

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Oregon Chai 1/2 Gallon Extra Spicy Chai Super Concentrate

This rich and creamy Oregon Chai extra-spicy chai super concentrate combines a premium blend of clover, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and honey flavors to make one delicious-tasting, spiced latte! Compared to Oregon Chai’s original chai latte concentrate, this extra-spicy concentrate adds an extra kick of spirited flavor, with a bold taste that awakens your patrons’ senses.

Though creating a chai latte from scratch takes time, this convenient 1/2 gallon bottle of chai tea latte concentrate can create the perfect warm and inviting spiced drink in an instant. Just mix this concentrate with your own milk or preferred dairy substitute, heat it up, or pour it over ice. That’s it! Using all-natural ingredients and stress-free measuring, you can easily add profitable, spiced chai-flavored drinks to your menu.

After tasting a mysterious, creamy Himalayan drink that was both spicy and sweet, Oregon Chai’s founder went to work perfecting her own authentic chai recipe. Now, Oregon Chai is the number one selling chai brand, and offers this all-natural extra-spicy chai in a convenient concentrate! The warm blend of exotic spices in a chai tea latte not only promises tranquility and good karma, but it also makes a perfect addition to your cafe or coffee shop.

Serving Instructions:
Since this chai is super concentrated, combine 1 part chai concentrate to 5 parts dairy for best results. 1 pump of chai concentrate equals 1 fl. oz.
Use 2 pumps to make a 12 oz. drink.
Use 3 pumps to make a 16 oz. drink.
Use 4 pumps to make a 20 oz. drink.


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