Become a “master roaster” by creating custom roasting profiles using Sonofresco’s Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller – the perfect combination to make a profitable difference in your business!

advancedanimationThe fundamental objective of good roasting should be to reveal the best flavors of any particular coffee. This is best achieved by roasting consistently in color and time-temperature profiles designed to match the characteristics of a specific coffee. Too fast a roast gives insufficient time for flavor development. A longer, light roast allows the coffee to reveal its authentic flavors. Darker roasts develop caramelized flavors with a sweeter aftertaste, more suitable for espresso. Quick cooling following the roast helps stabilize the brightness of a coffee associated with high acidity.

Sonofresco now enables the discerning roaster to control all of these essential roasting variables while maintaining the simplicity of “push-button roasting” with its new Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) controller.

The ADR software package provides a simple and intuitive means of designing time-temperature roasting profiles for different coffees and specifying end-of-roast temperatures using a laptop computer. Bluetooth connectivity uploads the profiles and end-of-roast temperatures to the Sonofresco roaster control and monitors the roast profile on the computer screen. The simple push-button control provides consistency from roast to roast.

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ADR Software Features with a Sonofresco Coffee Roaster

  • Standard on all Sonofresco roasters
  • Create and store unlimited custom roast profiles using simple PC and Mac-based software.
  • Wirelessly upload up to 6 selected roast profiles to the One or Two pound Sonofresco Coffee Roaster.
  • Monitor the live roast cycle on your computer. (See graph above: the red line indicates the real-time roast temperature and how closely the roaster followed your selected profile. The blue dot indicates the end of the roast and the start of cooling.)
  • Sonofresco Coffee Roaster maintains push-button simplicity with this exciting new software application.
  • The software package contains the Sonofresco Default profile used on all roasters. The Sonofresco default profile can be copied, modified, saved, and uploaded to the coffee roaster.
  • Upgrade ADR kits are available for all pre-2014 model roasters. The kit includes a new control board, stainless steel temperature sensor, a Bluetooth board, and the ADR software loaded on a thumb drive.