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Cascadia Blend Decaf FTO

$5.50 / per lb

Cascadia Blend Decaf

This coffee is so smooth you wouldn’t know it is decaffeinated! A blend of some of the best coffee growing regions of the world. “The goal of this mix is to allow the Cascadia to be used as a satisfying drip blend, while also having enough complexity to shine in the espresso machine as well.”

Sonofresco Supersonic Blend
Sonofresco Supersonic Blend

Supersonic Espresso Blend

$4.45 / per lb

Supersonic Espresso


This espresso will delight your senses. It possesses a great crema, a striking aroma, a broad range of fruity high notes and some rich idiosyncratic bottom notes often associated with Indonesian coffees. Good as a straight shot.
Silk Road Blend
Silk Road Blend

Silk Road Espresso Blend

$4.50 / per lb

Silk Road Espresso


This makes an astringent and well-rounded espresso with a dominant sweet chocolaty taste and a long lingering aftertaste with no hint of bitterness. A wonderful coffee experience with a great crema. Good as a straight shot.

Royal Silk Espresso Blend

$4.00 / per lb

Royal Silk Espresso


The heaviest bodied and smoothest of the Sonofresco espresso blends, with complexity concentrated at the bottom of the profile: dry fruit, dark chocolate notes. Designed to master large milk drinks with body and presence rather than with sharpness. Produces a low-toned, syrupy straight shot.
Sonofresco Espresso Blend
Sonofresco Espresso Blend

Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend

$4.75 / per lb

Fair Trade Organic Espresso


Designed especially for milk drinks. As straight espresso medium-bodied, crisp, toasty, with dark chocolate and rich, low-key fruit. In milk, sweetens and deepens with lush milk chocolate and caramel tones and muted but balancing undercurrents of tartly rich fruit.
Emperors Organic Espresso Blend
Emperors Organic Espresso Blend

Emperor’s Organic Espresso Blend

$4.60 / per lb

Emperor’s Organic Espresso


Very similar to the Emperor’s Selection Espresso Blend, but a bit heavier bodied and fruitier, with more chocolate and less spice. It is designed for total versatility: elegant as a straight shot but sturdy and robust enough to carry its weight in large amounts of dairy.
Emperors Espresso Blend
Emperors Espresso Blend

Emperor’s Selection Espresso Blend

$4.10 / per lb

Emperor’s Selection Espresso


Heavier bodied, more complete and complex than the Jazz Note or Dancing Star Blends, with considerably more tonal range. Heavy, sharp smoky/spicy bottom notes are designed to penetrate heavy amounts of milk in espresso drinks.