Nicaragua Green Coffee Beans

Unroasted coffee beans from the Nicaragua region are a true embodiment of Central American coffee excellence. Cultivated in the heart of this stunning country, these green beans carry the legacy of Nicaragua’s rich coffee heritage.

The Nicaragua region boasts diverse microclimates and fertile volcanic soils, creating the perfect environment for growing exceptional coffee. As a result, these unroasted beans offer a unique flavor profile characterized by a harmonious blend of bright acidity and a smooth, medium body. Tasting notes often include nuances of fruity sweetness, hints of cocoa, and a gentle nuttiness, providing a captivating and well-balanced coffee experience.

Nicaraguan green coffee beans are celebrated for their flexibility in the roasting process. Whether you prefer a light roast to emphasize their delicate flavors or a darker roast for a richer, more robust cup, these beans provide an ideal canvas for experimentation and customization.

With each brew, unroasted coffee beans from Nicaragua offer a delightful journey through the flavors and traditions of this captivating region. Experience the essence of Nicaragua in every cup, and savor the artistry of a country dedicated to producing exceptional coffee.

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Nicaragua – FTO

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