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Sonofresco can help how transform your coffee roasting journey, allowing you to achieve a level of control and flavor profile. Elevate your coffee experience with Sonofresco.

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Robert Ness
Home Roaster

I paid full price for my 2lb Sonofresco Roaster with ADR because my Gene Cafe broke down and I needed a replacement ASAP. That was a year and 3 months ago and I have to say I just love it! What a bargain at 20% off. I like the 2lb roaster because I always have…

James Collins
Home Roaster

For the past 3 years I have been home roasting my last green bean purchase was from you. I have been quite happy with your beans they have roasted very well. I have been using a Whirley Pop popper to roast them. The roast level I have been using is between city roast and french…

My wife and I started our downtown cafe in Cambridge, ON Canada 3 months ago. We have been using a 1 lb roaster and have already roasted over 100 pounds. These machines are work horses! We are able to keep an entire shelf of roasted coffee stocked fresh all the time and still have time…

Mile O Coffee
Victoria, BC

We roast 3-4 times/week and the machine has more than paid for itself within three months. You can’t say that about many pieces of equipment. It is a pleasure to use, and once you get the hang of cleaning and maintenance, these steps become second nature and simply part of each roast. In good weather…

Same Ol’ Grind

When Sonofresco walked through our doors and showed us the roaster, Carla and I were skeptical. Roasting is done by Master Roasters! Carefully roasting for perfect coffee! The Sonofresco roaster seemed too good to be true. Carla and I went to see the prototype machine, and in about 5 minutes we knew we needed our…

Dude’s Dairy Treats
Kendallville, IN

I want to pass on to you a compliment. Our serviceman (who maintains and repairs our Verissimo Espresso Machine) has maintained ever since we started buying our beans from you that in his 20 years of installing and repairing espresso machines, he has never seen crema as nice as what our beans produce. Our customers…

Marine Supply & Hardware

As the oldest chandlery in the Pacific Northwest, you’d expect Marine Supply & Hardware of Anacortes, Washington to have a wide array of merchandise, but freshly roasted coffee? When Sonofresco’s first Coffee Roasters came out in 1999 (then called “Syd & Jerry’s”) the chandlery provided parts for the prototype machine and added freshly roasted coffee…

Pleasant Hawk Coffee Roasters
Casper, Wyoming

Good luck with the show [Coffee Fest – Seattle 2010], we will be there in spirit as one of your loyal customers. We bought one of the first units in mid 2001 and have roasted almost 17,000 pounds (10-20# a day now) for a lot of great people. We roast when they call and deliver…

Niagara Grocery
Victoria, BC

The Sonofresco team couldn’t be more welcoming and informative. They demoed the 2-pound machine for us, showed us around the assembly area and warehouse, and patiently answered all our questions. This gave us the confidence to purchase the machine then and there, and bring it home to Victoria.

Campbells Coffee & Tea

Campbell’s Coffee & Tea was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The owners, independent of one another, were washed across Lake Pontchartrain to Covington when their houses flooded after Katrina. Campbell had researched the business of coffee shops and Elizabeth had been teaching about Latin American coffee before they met. They opened as a…

New Orleans Coffee Fest
New Orleans Coffee Fest

Part of the mission of Campbell’s Coffee & Tea is to raise awareness of the important part the New Orleans region has in the history of coffee in this country. They were trailblazers in the New Orleans Coffee Fest. Part of what they put on display is their Sonofresco 1-lb. Roaster. Roasting beans on site…

Furnace Hills Coffee
Furnace Hills Coffee
Westminster, Maryland

Furnace Hills Coffee Company in Westminster, Maryland has an incredible mission and commitment to the developmentally disabled population. They have experienced growth in the roasting business with the help of their Sonosfresco Coffee Roasters. Owner, David Bladwin and his daughter Erin enjoy using their roasters for the following reasons: “We needed something simple…We needed something…

Blue Heron Coffee Company
Blue Heron Coffee Company
Bow, Washington

13 years ago, Blue Heron started out with a 1-lb Sonofresco Coffee Roaster. As the company has grown, so have the number of Sonofresco Roasters in the shop. The company now owns 3 Sonofresco Roasters: 2 x 2-lb roasters and a 1-lb roaster, roasting approximately 300 pounds per month. Blue Heron’s owner commented, “..adding Sonofresco…

Keturah Coffee Family
Keturah Coffee Roasters
Vernonia, Oregon

I thought I would send this link to an article about us in the Vernonia’s Voice, a local paper for our area just west of Portland.  Our Sonofresco got 2 pictures in the paper.  We are featured on the front page and there is a great picture of my wife roasting on a 2lb Sonofresco…

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