Profile Coffee Roaster

Profile Coffee Roaster

The ADR control package comes pre-installed at the factory on all Profile Coffee Roasters.

Unlocking the potential of your coffee venture begins with the right equipment, and Sonofresco’s profile coffee roasters pave the way for cafes and coffee sellers to stand out in a competitive market.

Whether you’re managing a commercial enterprise, a quaint retail store, a home-based coffee venture, or simply pursuing a coffee roasting hobby, Sonofresco offers dependable, commercial-grade machines that consistently deliver freshly roasted coffee, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. These versatile tools allow you to craft complete flavor profiles in batches as small as 1/4 lb. or scale up to produce up to 55 lbs. of market-ready coffee within 8 hours.

Sonofresco roasters are your key to taking your coffee business to new heights.

With the ability to roast each batch of beans to perfection, the potential of your retail or home-based coffee business knows no bounds. Not only do our roasters sport an appealing design and a compact footprint, but they also elevate the ambiance of your business when you bring the roasting process in-house. Plus, we provide warranty coverage for every roaster, ensuring peace of mind.

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Profile Coffee Roaster

  • One Pound Roaster
    • You can roast up to three batches per hour, yielding a total of 25 lbs. of roasted coffee in an 8-hour workday.
    • Utilize the sample batch mode to roast up to three batches of 120 grams each.
  • Two Pound Roaster
    • You have the capacity to roast up to three batches every hour, resulting in a total of 55 lbs. of roasted coffee within an 8-hour workday.
  • Venting solutions designed with the roaster’s convenience in mind.
  • Perform consecutive roasts without the need for a cooldown interval, as the cooling process is seamlessly integrated into the roasting cycle.
  • Efficient 18-minute roasting and cooling cycle per batch
  • Roaster perfectly sized for retail and home-based coffee businesses
  • A great visual roasting appeal in a retail setting emphasizes the freshness of coffee
  • Durable, long-lasting stainless steel temperature sensor
  • Easy access blower maintenance
  • Simple fuel conversion kits are available
  • UL/CSA Listed
  • Made in America


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Additional information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 18 × 25 in

One Pound Two Pound Full Batch Capacity: 1.4 lbs. (Green) 2.4 lbs. (Green) Sample Batch Capacity: 1/4 lb. (120g) N/A Batches per hour: 3 3 Power requirements: 120 V/60Hz 3 amps 120 V/60Hz 3 amps Size: 13w x 27t x 20d 15w x 30t x 21d Weight: 55 lbs. (75 lbs. shipped) 65 lbs. (95 lbs. shipped) Input Rating: (BTU/hr.) LP: 31,000 / NG: 37,000 LP: 45,000 / NG: 48,000


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