Roasting your own coffee opens up a world of potential for any café or coffee seller, and it begins with the right equipment. Sonofresco’s premium coffee roasters work for any business that needs to take operations to the next level.

Whether you run a commercial operation, retail shop, or home-based coffee business, Sonofresco roasters offer the tools to create exclusive flavor profiles in batches as small as 1/4 lb. or produce up to 55 lbs. of retail-ready coffee in an 8-hour period.

Our premier Made in America roasters include:

  • One Pound & Sample Flagship Coffee Roaster. Designed for batches ranging from 1/4 lb. (120 g) to 1.2 lbs., the smallest roaster is ideal for home-based coffee businesses and cafes. The visual appeal of this roaster is enhanced by cherry red, gloss black, and stainless steel color options. Produces 3 1.2-lb. batches or 3 1/4 lb. sample batches per hour. Available in natural gas and propane.
  • Two Pound Flagship Coffee Roaster. This model is the workhorse of Sonofresco roasters and is able to produce up to 55 lbs. in an 8-hour shift. Same colors and gas options as the One Pound model but with the capacity to power larger retail businesses and commercial operations.
  • Profile Coffee Roaster. The Profile Roaster pushes flavor and customization to another level using the Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) software. Available in both One Pound & Sample and Two Pound sizes, you can fine-tune and monitor the roasting process without departing from the simplicity of push-button operation. Specialty coffee businesses will love the ability to construct the perfect flavor profile for your customers. Available in stainless steel, cherry red, and black.

Bluetooth control allows you to monitor the roasting process, while ADR gives you the edge when looking for that perfect flavor profile. In addition to high-quality roasting machines, Sonofresco offers:

There is no limit to how far your retail or home-based coffee business can go when you have the power to roast every batch of beans to perfection. In addition to the great look and small footprint of our roasters, you can enjoy the upgrade in your business’s ambiance when you bring the roasting in-house. Warranty coverage is available for every roaster.

Sonofresco roasters will help you take your coffee business to the next level.