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Colombia FTO Café Femenino

$4.60 / per lb

Colombia FTO Café Femenino

The participating women are all part of the 1st level Cooperative COSURCA, in the southern state of Cauca. There are about 160 participating women in the Café Femenino program, averaging 3.5 acres each. A good number of these women are single heads of household, but not all, many of have husbands with their own plots of coffee.

Currently the group is working with the Café Femenino Foundation (a grant received through CORDAID) on a two year plan to develop the integration of women into the structural rolls of the cooperative, focusing on leadership development.

Kenya AA – Conventional

$5.00 / per lb

Kenya AA – Conventional

The Nguvu is a blend of coffees harvested from small-holder cooperatives the Murang’a district. The area is considered the traditional home of the Kikuyu tribe, which currently makes up 22% of the Kenyan population. Red, loamy soil and startlingly high altitudes contribute to a juicy, berry-flavored cup. Above, the Gatuya mill, one of the major contributors to the Nguvu blend.

Uganda Organic UTZ – Fully washed Sipi Falls Grain Pro

$4.34 / per lb

Uganda Organic RFA UTZ – Fully washed Sipi Falls Grain Pro

This  Bourbon coffee is an organic, Rainforest Alliance certified coffee at a very reasonable price. It is a unique single origin coffee with a rich full body. It has tastes of toffee, caramel and molasses with deep fruit overtones.

The coffee is grown on farms located close to the border of Kenya.  – Carol really likes this coffee as a great drip coffee through-out the day

Guatemala Café Femenino FTO

$4.85 / per lb

Cafe Femenino works to break down cultural barriers that prevent women coffee producers form full participating in the coffee economy. Projects include education, coffee processing technology, health clinics, community gardens, and more.

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Peru FTO Cafe Femenino

$4.26 / per lb

At their best, Peru coffees are delicately sweet, round, and gentle acidity. This Peru is delicately sweet, fragrant, delicate yet rich, with a discreet but vibrant acidity. Makes a fine single origin espresso in the classic northern Italian style.

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Emperor’s Selection Espresso

$4.45 / per lb

Heavier bodied, more complete and complex than the Jazz Note or Dancing Star Blends, with considerably more tonal range. Heavy, sharp smoky/spicy bottom notes are designed to penetrate heavy amounts of milk in espresso drinks.

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Coffee Roasters & Green Coffee Beans

Home of advanced coffee roasters, premium unroasted green coffee beans, roasting accessories and affordable tools to launch a home or commercial coffee business, Sonofresco is an innovative manufacturer of commercial coffee roasters based in Burlington, Washington.

Sonofresco makes it easy to start roasting beans.
Sonofresco offers the best selection for green coffee beans.
Sonofresco green beans delivered to your door.

Sonofresco offers coffee roasting equipment that will work for companies of every size. Our Flagship Coffee Roasters fit in with any level of roasting experience and produce batches ranging from 1/4 lbs. to 2.4 lbs. For another level of specialization, Profile Coffee Roasters allow you to create custom profiles using Advanced Definition Roasting guidelines.

Sonofresco roasters are proudly designed and built in the U.S.A. and are made to last with durable materials.

The intuitive controls in Sonofresco roasting equipment allow beginners to get the hang of the business, while small batch options offer you the chance to experiment with roast profiles to enchant your customers.

The Sonofresco One Pound and Sample Coffee Roaster combination and Two Pound Coffee Roaster offer you the latest technology in high quality, consistent, efficient, fluid-bed roasting.

In addition to high-quality roasting equipment and accessories, Sonofresco offers Specialty Grade green coffee beans from the top growing regions of the world. Single origins, fair trades, custom blends and other beans are available in 20 lb. or 50 lb. boxes. Popular regions offered include Central America, Indonesia, Africa and Central America.

With the finest green beans and the ability to customize your roasts, it is possible to roast 55 lbs. in an 8-hour shift using one of our 2 lb. roaster models. User-friendly controls and push-button simplicity take the complications out of the process while you learn the art of roasting.

Sonofresco provides the tools to bring a higher level of quality into your coffee business. Once you begin roasting your own coffee, you have controls over flavor profiles and other custom tools that can separate your company’s product from the pack. Of course, roasting is also great theater that enhances the atmosphere in any environment.

Let Sonofresco roasters and beans take your coffee business to the next level.

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