Central American Green Coffee

Green coffee from Central America is renowned for its exceptional quality and diverse flavor profiles. This region, which includes countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, is celebrated for its ideal coffee-growing conditions, including high altitudes, fertile volcanic soils, and consistent climates. The unroasted beans from Central America often exhibit a harmonious balance of bright acidity and medium to full body, making them a favorite among coffee connoisseurs. Tasting notes can vary from one country to another, with Guatemalan beans offering floral and fruity tones, Honduran beans showcasing nutty and citrusy nuances, Nicaraguan beans providing a rich and well-rounded cup, and Costa Rican beans featuring bright acidity with a honey-like sweetness. The versatility of Central American green coffee beans allows roasters to explore a wide range of roasting profiles, ensuring that coffee lovers can experience the rich and unique flavors that define this coffee-producing region.

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