The Sonofresco Roaster must be vented to the outside to remove heat, exhaust gases, and the minimal amount of smoke created during the roasting process. Sonofresco offers two venting systems; a simple direct Vent Kit, and a Power Ventilation Hood. Additionally, custom venting can be constructed by a qualified contractor or technician sized at a capacity of about 150 CFM/roaster.

Vent Kit: Provides the pipe and fittings to directly run the exhaust from the top of the Roaster through the nearest exterior wall or ceiling.

Vent Hood: Provides a means of venting further distances without adding excessive back pressure to the roaster. The vent hood incorporates an easy to clean power ventilation fan to assist in venting and a halogen light for visibility of the roasting operation.

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Roaster Vent Hood

Roaster Vent Hood


Direct Vent Kit