African Green Coffee Beans

Sonofresco’s Green Coffee Beans from Africa showcases the rich diversity and exceptional quality of coffee grown in the African continent. African coffee is celebrated for its vibrant acidity, fruity notes, and floral undertones. Sonofresco sources these beans from various regions across Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, among others. Their commitment to quality means that these green coffee beans are carefully selected and processed to preserve their unique characteristics. Roasters and coffee enthusiasts alike can explore the intricate flavors and cultural heritage of African coffee through Sonofresco’s offerings, allowing for a delightful and aromatic coffee experience with each roast.

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Rwanda Org FT Café Femenino

From $6.71 / lb

Ethiopia Harrar – Conventional

From $6.81 / lb

Ethiopian FTO Yirgacheffee

From $7.00 / lb

Ethiopian Sidamo Natural FTO

From $5.30 / lb

Burundi Conventional

From $6.18 / lb

Kenya AA – Conventional

From $6.84 / lb

Malawi FT Mzuzu AA

From $5.13 / lb

Tanzanian Peaberry

From $5.78 / lb

Uganda Organic UTZ

From $6.38 / lb

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Conventional

From $5.84 / lb