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Royal Select Decaf Bag

Mexico Royal Select FTO Decaf

$5.00 / per lb

Mexico Royal Select FTO Decaf

A great tasting decaf for any season. Bright light tasting coffee. Clean finish, nutty, mild but with a broad spectrum. A broad appeal to many.  It is difficult to believe that it is a decaffeinated coffee.

Cascadia Blend Decaf FTO

$5.50 / per lb

Cascadia Blend Decaf

This coffee is so smooth you wouldn’t know it is decaffeinated! A blend of some of the best coffee growing regions of the world. “The goal of this mix is to allow the Cascadia to be used as a satisfying drip blend, while also having enough complexity to shine in the espresso machine as well.”

Peru FTO – Swiss Water Process Decaf

$5.35 / per lb

Peru FTO – Swiss Water Process Decaf

The trademark “Swiss Water Process” removes caffeine from coffee without the use of solvents or chemicals. This coffee is characterized by delicate sweetness, gentle acidity and round flavor and suitable for roasting and brewing as either an espresso or drip brew.