The Roaster Sessions

Roasting & Blending for Espresso

Course Fee: $135  – You will receive a $50 credit per class on your first order.

Where: Organic Products Trading Company
When: Thursday October 17, 2019

Presented by: Coffee Holding CompanyOPTCO, and Sonofresco
Prepared by: Kathi Zollman

Only 20 seats available.  If you are interested in attending please give us a call at 866-271-7666 or sign up here.

Agenda Overview

NOTE: Each participant will be asked to bring ¼ pound of their favorite ROASTED espresso blend component.

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    Defining Espresso

    What is Italian espresso? Discussion and samples of espresso components.

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    Identifying origins

    Discuss coffees for specific flavor contribution to espresso blends. Hands on with a new way to use Le Nez du Café.

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    Roasting & Blending Part 1

    Overview of roasting goals and the resulting outcome in espresso blend.

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    Roasting & Blending Part 2

    Discussion of specific coffee contributions to the overall blend, percentages, how many bean types per blend? Hands on designing an espresso blend.

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    Open discussion

    Q & A