Sonofresco Coffee Roasters have been in use for over a decade. They have proven themselves reliable and profitable when used in coffee shops, restaurants, latte stands, neighborhood markets, farmers markets or for a home roasting business.

Stepping up to roasting your own coffee beans in any of these businesses provides two important advantages. First you provide the highest quality product to your customers, which will increase their loyalty to your business. Second you will improve your profit margin by cutting your coffee bean expenses by about 35% less than wholesale.

How about Starting a Home Roastery and Working for Yourself?

Many people have taken one or more Sonofresco Roasters and set up shop at hovme. They find it easy and profitable to market freshly roasted coffee to their entire network of friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, service groups, kids school and sport groups, local corner grocery, farmers markets, nearby restaurants, and so on.

Read our general overview and Lonnie’s Beanhouse about staring your own business or contact us for more stories about successful home businesses. There are also “Roasting Stories” from other businesses in the sidebars of our website and some fun ideas from David at Furnace Hills Coffee in Maryland. And, most importantly, call (toll free: 866 271-7666) and let us help you start down the path to Roasting Your Own Coffee!