Sonofresco makes it simple for you to become your own roaster!

Freshness is a critical element in producing a quality cup of coffee, no matter what the brewing method, espresso, drip or French press.

  • By roasting your own coffee, you will have control of the freshness and therefore, control of the quality and taste of the coffee you serve.
  • By roasting your own coffee, you can meet the particular taste preferences of your customers, whether that is a finely crafted cup of a distinctive single origin coffee from Sumatra or a cappuccino composed with a perfectly extracted shot of bittersweet espresso balanced with just the right proportion of milk.
  • By roasting your own coffee, you can provide visual theater and let your customers know that you truly care about the coffee you serve. Customers can see the coffee transformed from green to roasted right before their eyes.
  • By roasting your own coffee, you can educate your customers about coffee; about where and how it is grown, harvested, processed and makes the amazing journey from a small, family farm to a fabulous cup of coffee.
  • By roasting your own coffee, you can offer your customers an unparalleled cup of coffee while at the same time allowing you control over the product you are roasting and serving. A superior coffee combined with higher profits is a win for you and a win for your customers!