Café Femenino Green Coffee

Café Femenino is not just a coffee, but a powerful movement that empowers women in coffee-producing regions around the world. This exceptional coffee initiative has its roots in Peru, where a group of women coffee farmers sought to improve their own livelihoods and challenge the traditionally male-dominated coffee industry. Café Femenino focuses on gender equity, providing women with equal opportunities, fair wages, and the chance to own and manage their coffee farms.

The coffee itself is celebrated for its exceptional quality. Grown and harvested by women who are passionate about their craft, these beans often produce a cup with a distinct and delightful flavor profile. Tasting notes can include a rich, full body with a range of flavors, from fruity and floral undertones to hints of chocolate and nuttiness.

Beyond the exceptional coffee, supporting Café Femenino means contributing to a more inclusive and equitable coffee industry. It’s a testament to the strength and resilience of women in coffee-producing communities who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success. Each cup of coffee tells a story of empowerment, equality, and the potential for positive change in the world of coffee.


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Rwanda Org FT Café Femenino

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