Bolivia FTO Colonial Caranavi

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Bolivia FTO Colonial Carana

Savor the essence of Bolivia in our FTO Colonial Carana blend. Delight in its rich, heavy aroma, complemented by a hint of spice. Enjoy a smooth body with low acidity, accentuated by the sweet taste of milk chocolate. Experience its full-bodied richness, balanced perfectly with mild acidity.

Bolivia FTO Colonial Caranavi

  • Cultivars: Criollo and Caturra
  • Grade: 1
  • Processing Method: Washed
  • Region: Caranavi– Southern Andes Mountain Chain
  • Harvest: July– December
  • Altitude: 1300-1700
  • Cupping Notes: Heavy rich aroma, low acidity, smooth body, sweet milk chocolate flavour,
  • Aroma: Slightly spicy, full to heavy bodied, mild acidity, and has surprisingly good balance.
  • Certification: Fair Trade, Organic

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1 review for Bolivia FTO Colonial Caranavi

  1. Sara Tarvin

    They were right this coffee has very low to mild acidity and is great for black coffee drinkers

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