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Guatemala Café Femenino Nahuala FTO

$4.85 / per lb

Guatemala Café Femenino Nahuala FTO

Cafe Femenino works to break down cultural barriers that prevent women coffee producers form full participating in the coffee economy. Projects include education, coffee processing technology, health clinics, community gardens, and more.

New! Café Femenino Blend

$4.55 / per lb

Café Femenino Blend

A balanced cup with just the right amount of depth and brightness. Deep chocolatey tones with spicy high notes and a hint of dark cherry fruit in the aromatics. Buttery mouthful and a lingering finish make this blend a delight anytime of the day.

Peru FTO Cafe Femenino

$4.26/ per lb

Peru FTO Cafe Femenino

At their best, Peru coffees are delicately sweet, round, and gentle acidity. This Peru is delicately sweet, fragrant, delicate yet rich, with a discreet but vibrant acidity. Makes a fine single origin espresso in the classic northern Italian style.

While women have always been crucial to coffee production in Peru, men traditionally held the economic power. In 2004, 464 female coffee producers in Peru united to change this dynamic and take a step toward empowerment. They decided to separate their coffee production from men to gain visibility and a voice inside their community. Working in partnership with OPTCO, they developed a never-before-existing market for women-produced coffee to serve as an important vehicle for social change and the empowerment of poor, marginalized women coffee farmers. Since then, the Café Femenino movement now includes thousands of women farmers from nine countries across the world.

Café Femenino requires participating cooperatives to give their women farmers control of revenues, land ownership, and acknowledgement for their exceptional coffee. With economic control in their hands, the women farmers of Cecanor have used Café Femenino funds to invest in community betterment projects including children’s libraries, schools, health and nutritional education, and programs that build self-esteem, human rights awareness, and literacy.

Colombia FTO Café Femenino

$4.60 / per lb

Colombia FTO Café Femenino

The participating women are all part of the cooperative COSURCA, in the Cauca region. There are about 160 participating women in the Café Femenino program, averaging 3.5 acres each. A good number of these women are single heads of household, but not all, many of have husbands with their own plots of coffee.

In the early days of Café Femenino, a two year plan was implemented to develop the integration of women into the membership of the cooperative and focus on leadership development. This group has received funding from donors through the Café Femenino Foundation to be able to upgrade their kitchens to healthier standards by installing stoves and chimneys that exhausts smoke to the outside. This has reduced the prevalence of respiratory disease associated with wood smoke within the family.