Ethiopian Yirgacheffe FT Organic

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe FT Organic


The coffees of Yirgacheffe have long been prized for their delicate, tea-like aromatics and clean citrus flavor.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe FT Organic

  • Cultivars: Heirloom, forest grown, organic, Arabica coffees
  • Processing Method: Wet processing/Sun Drying
  • Region: Southwestern Rainforest of Ethiopia
  • Harvest: September – December
  • Sonofresco Roast Reccomendations Medium Roast
  • Certification: Fair Trade, Organic 100%
  • Cupping Notes: Medium Body, Tart Acidity
  • Altitude: 1500 – 2000m
  • Aroma: Floral

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