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Sonofresco’s Profile Coffee Roaster

The goal of any professional coffee roaster is to unveil the unique flavor characteristics locked within a coffee bean. Sonofresco’s new Profile Roaster allows you to create custom roast profiles, fine tune end of roast temperatures, and monitor the roasting process, all the while still maintaining “push-button” simplicity. Our engineering team designed Advanced Definition Roasting to give you control over important roasting variables to reveal the distinct flavors and tastes.

Learn more about Sonofresco’s Advanced Definition Roasting Technology.

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Profile Coffee Roasters

  • Create custom roast profiles with the new Advanced Definition Roasting technology
  • Wirelessly upload and store up to 5 custom roast profiles to the roaster with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Store unlimited custom roast profiles on your computer
  • Monitor the live roast cycle on your PC or MAC
  • Efficient 18 minute average per batch roasting cycle from start to finish
  • Compact size to fit any location
  • Visual roasting process for added theater and monitoring of bean development
  • Newly designed stainless steel temperature sensor for improved durability and lifespan
  • New “Quick fit” fuel conversion system for added flexibility
  • Simple venting options available
  • UL/CSA Listed
  • NSF-4 Approved (Food Safety)
  • Made in America

The Profile Roaster is a great investment, perfect for anyone in the coffee industry looking to advance your business, set yourself apart from your competition, and increase your profits. Coffee plantation owners, small business owners, and leading artisan coffee roasters will all benefit from this advanced time versus temperature roasting technology. We are proud that industry leaders, including Boot Camp Coffee and Café Ladro are currently using Sonofresco’s Profile Roaster in their coffee businesses.

One Pound/Sample – Roast from 120g/batch up to three one pound batches per hour

Two Pound roaster – Roast up to three two pound batches per hour

Available in Natural gas or Propane heat source