My husband and I purchased the two-pound roaster back in 2010, and it has performed flawlessly, until this last December.

We originally had a small roaster that performed well, but only cooked a cup of beans at a time. Sadly, I lost my husband 5 years ago, but I still roast a couple times a week for friends and neighbors.

Once it was determined we needed a new sensor, you folks sent out a new one almost immediately, despite the Xmas holidays. I can’t tell you how thankful all my coffee drinking friends are, most of all, including me. You folks are the BEST. It’s working again, like a charm.

I recently purchased a second home in Florida, and haven’t decided whether to take the small roaster along, or buy another one from your company. Certainly, you’d be my choice, if I want another big one.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.