I thought I would send this link to an article about us in the Vernonia’s Voice, a local paper for our area just west of Portland.  Our Sonofresco got 2 pictures in the paper.  We are featured on the front page and there is a great picture of my wife roasting on a 2lb Sonofresco in the article.  My wife and I started Keturah Coffee Roasters here in Vernonia with our Sonofresco.  We were originally going to start with a drum roaster and I was hesitant to go with a fluid bed.  I am so glad we changed our minds.  We love this little machine!  We added the ADR to ours with which we have been able to produce some wonderful roasts for our customers.  This Sonofresco is a workhorse for us.  When we have needed Help, the customer service at Sonofresco has been amazing.  Everyone from the receptionists, sales reps, to the technicians are very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable not only about the machine but about good coffee.

Here is a link to our article.