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Sonofresco’s new Lease program is a 12 month plan to roaster ownership for a 1lb roaster and 2lb coffee roaster.  In addition to the monthly payment, a 50 pound minimum green bean commitment will keep you in great supply.

Advanced Definition Roasting Software (ADR) included!

We offer a wide selection of specialty grade coffee beans to choose from.

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Overview of the new roaster leasing program

  • Equipment lease for one-pound or two-pound ADR coffee roaster
  • Ventilation not included in lease
  • 50% Down at time of purchase
  • Payment of first coffee order required at time of order (50 pounds minimum first order)
  • Coffee purchase of minimum 50-pounds per month for duration of lease (avg. $220/month @$4.40/pound average price)
  • Monthly credit card charge required for term of lease (secondary card required)
  • Lease Duration: 12 months
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How it works

  • Choose your roaster

    Choose your roaster

    Select the size, color, and fuel.

  • Join the coffee club

    Join the coffee club

    Choose your bean, choose your frequency. Enjoy! 

  • Start roasting your coffee

    Start roasting your coffee

    Roasting has never been so easy.

Roaster Leasing

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Roasting your own coffee opens up a world of potential for any café or coffee seller, and it begins with the right equipment. Sonofresco’s premium coffee roasters work for any business that desires to set themselves apart from the competition with a unique approach to customer.

Whether you run a commercial operation, retail shop, or home-based coffee business, or simply starting a hobby, Sonofresco offer reliable, commercial grade products that produce consistently fresh roasted coffee for the beginner to the seasoned professional.  The tools to create exclusive flavor profiles in batches as small as 1/4 lb. or produce up to 55 lbs. of retail-ready coffee in an 8-hour period.

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