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Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend

$4.75 / per lb

Fair Trade Organic Espresso


Designed especially for milk drinks. As straight espresso medium-bodied, crisp, toasty, with dark chocolate and rich, low-key fruit. In milk, sweetens and deepens with lush milk chocolate and caramel tones and muted but balancing undercurrents of tartly rich fruit.

Emperor’s Organic Espresso Blend

$4.60 / per lb

Emperor’s Organic Espresso

Very similar to the Emperor’s Selection Espresso Blend, but a bit heavier bodied and fruitier, with more chocolate and less spice. It is designed for total versatility: elegant as a straight shot but sturdy and robust enough to carry its weight in large amounts of dairy.

Emperor’s Selection Espresso Blend

$4.10 / per lb

Emperor’s Selection Espresso

Heavier bodied, more complete and complex than the Jazz Note or Dancing Star Blends, with considerably more tonal range. Heavy, sharp smoky/spicy bottom notes are designed to penetrate heavy amounts of milk in espresso drinks.

Sea to Shining Sea Blend

$4.25 / per lb

Sea to Shining Sea


An enticing aroma of floral and spice greets the nose. This pleasing cup possesses a sweet and rounded taste along with a delicate acidity and medium body characteristic of coffee blended from South American origins.

Zinnia FTO Spring blend

$4.20 / per lb special

Zinnia FTO Spring Blend

Add a splash of spring with Sonofresco’s Zinnia FTO Spring blend. The combination of coffees in this blend gives an attractive bold luscious taste that has you buzzing with the bees. With a splash of spice and caramel, enjoy this coffee as a drip or as an espresso shot.

Safari Coast Blend

$4.35 / per lb

Safari Coast

A cosmopolitan blend that combines coffees from Latin America, the Pacific, and east Africa. Fruit and chocolate-toned aromatics shimmer over robust, slightly earthy bottom tones. Edgy yet elegant.

Latin Mist Blend

$3.99 / per lb

Latin Mist

A blend of sweet, full-bodied, round-toned Latin American coffees. Gentle but authoritative enough to carry its seductive message through large quantities of frothed milk in espresso drinks.

Jazz Note Blend

$4.25 / per lb

Jazz Note

This blend adds up to a rich brew of maximum intensity and fullness and reveals a clean, round, yet quite sweet flavor with a balancing dash of acidy brightness. This medium to medium-full body coffee provides a delicious chocolate-toned finish.

Italian Blend

$4.10 / per lb



A striking combination of nutty, chocolaty aromas greet the expectant nose. Careful blending of coffees from Indonesia and Central America creates an exceptionally well balanced taste providing a bright, yet deep-toned acidity with a delicate sweetness. An exceptional cup of coffee!

Dancing Star Blend

$4.40 / per lb

Dancing Star Blend

This harmonious blend of exotic beans results in a rich, flavorful taste with notes of wild blueberry fruit. It is sweet, round, bright, heavier bodied and more complex than the Jazz Note Blend.

New! Bistro Blend

$3.80 / per lb

Bistro Blend

Classic flavor profile in a simply sophisticated blend. Sweet and rich enjoy this blend either medium or dark roast.

New! Coffeehaus Original Blend

$4.25 / per lb

Coffeehaus Original Blend

Lots of body and sweet brightness. The texture delivers a lingering finish, well balanced. Also works well for cold coffee beverages and extractions

New! Donut Blend

$4.38 / per lb

Donut Blend

Aromatic coffee & a fresh donut, a perfect pairing. Donut Blend is complimentary to desserts and pastries of all description. An elegant coffee with sweet aromatics and smooth mouth-feel is enjoyed alone or with a featured dessert.

New! Lakeside Espresso Blend

$4.50 / per lb

Lakeside Espresso Blend

For those who prefer an espresso blend that can be pushed to second crack. Espresso is best when extracted in Ristretto shots. Sweet and chocolate over ice, holds milk well too.

New! Roasters Blend

$4.10 / per lb

Roasters Blend

A perfectly balanced blend, Roasters Blend combines rich, creamy smoothness with a long sparkling finish. These sweet coffees enhance the heavy bodied cocoa flavors for a cup that is to be brewed any time of day. Excellent as drip, pour over, or French Press.

New! Shoreline Espresso Blend

$4.50 / per lb

Shoreline Espresso Blend

This makes an astringent and well-rounded espresso with a dominant sweet chocolaty taste and a long lingering aftertaste with no hint of bitterness. A wonderful coffee experience with a great crema. Good as a straight shot.

Papua New Guinea FTO NOP Enorga

$4.60 / per lb

Papua New Guinea FTO NOP Enorga

This coffee shares the low-toned richness of coffees from neighboring Indonesia, but is particularly sturdy, dense, and crisply robust. This is a coffee that should maintain authority in the face of enthusiastic additions of whitener and sweetener.